Funded is a personal finance management app that fits your current flow, without budgeting and micromanaging. Empower yourself to spend your money the way you want!

Managing your finance does not always need budgeting, or feeling guilty about purchases. See and understand your financial picture with Funded.

You don't need to open a new bank account or move your money elsewhere, spend your money like you normally do and Funded keeps track of everything.

Funds can be created to break down your cash accounts by putting away the planned expenses first, so your balances can reflect how much money you actually have to spend at any time.


Splitty helps you avoid the awkward conversation of requesting money from your friends or roommates.

Once you connect your credit card and bank accounts, we sync all your transactions, so all you have to do is tap-and-go.

Perfect for roommates, couples, or a group of friends who want to spend time with each other, not with math. Splitty lets you divvy up on a transaction level, and even add manual transactions.

AutoGradr automatically grades programming assignments for Computer Science students. Students get instant, automated feedback on their code.

Students make attempts by uploading their full projects or using the web IDE for labs. Either way, they'll get instant feedback, with test cases they passed, and if not, how their output differed from the expected output. For larger projects, students also get a code quality report.


Schedulr helps students at Drexel University find the perfect schedule for their upcoming quarter.

Students can find courses that fit their schedule allowing them to skip those early morning classes or even block out Fridays completely!

Students can share their schedule with their friends so they can be in the same classes as them.

Cracking Drexel’s schedule system
Scheduling app receives updates for winter term